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About Sevimli Bala project

Sevimli Bala is the largest pioneering educational project for children of all ages in Azerbaijan. The organization consists of 3 centers, social projects, and events that involve hundreds of children every month. 

The activities of the Sevimli Bala Project include: 

Sevimli Bala Educational Centers

There are 3 kids centers, each catering to a specific age group and interest:

  • The Baby club is for children from 8 months old to 7 years old, which provides comprehensive preschool development in English and Russian.

  • The Sevimli Bala Science Center is for children from 4 years old. Classes include the young explorer club, programming, science laboratories, brain ring, mental arithmetic, languages, master-classes, and more. Languages of instruction are Azeri, English and Russian. 

  • The Talent Studio is for anyone 4 years and above. Activities include international dance, ballet, gymnastics, capoeira, art, chess and much more.


The Sevimli Bala website was launched in March 2014, first as an educational experiment providing useful information for parents in Azerbaijan. Following the growth of the project, the website now also reflects the activities of the organization, the centers, events, social projects, festivals and latest news. 

Social Projects

Social projects are a principal part of our work. The Book Tree is a place where every child can listen to a story or exchange books for free. "Green Asan" is a recycling programme created in partnership with the governmental agency ASAN Xidmət, which caters to millions of Azeri citizens. In partnership with the environmental organization IDEA, we launched the first environmental science laboratory for kids in Azerbaijan. They take place for free every month in two cities: Baku and Ganja since January 2016. In addition, we do charity work in orphanages, hospitals, schools and organize large events for hundreds of children. 

Our team - a responsible, active and always smiling people lovingly relevant, which involved.